An intelligent man will open your mind, a handsome man will open your eyes, but a Gentleman will open your heart.


Based in Edinburgh, my daily life is centred around my freelance work as a Men’s fashion lifestyle writer, stylist and occasional model.

My blog is my way of passing on knowledge to the guys out there who want to keep up to date with fashion, branding, lifestyle and pretty much everything it is to be a modern-day man. I have worked with lots of exciting people on some incredible projects so far and for me, and probably you, every experience is a chance to learn something new and thats what I love to share.

Also if you have not heard of my fantastic affiliates and Gentlemen over at The Gentry Store its time you gave it a look! Just click the link at the bottom of the page and check out the online store where you’ll find everything you need in your life!

I have a passion for creativity and creative people and love getting out there and involved in networking at events around Scotland. If you have any ideas that you want to put into action or anything you might think I would be interested in getting involved with or even just to say hello please don’t hesitate to contact me at TheKeenanOne@gmail.com

Thanks for having a look!




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