A Scandinavian Summer

Guys if  you are looking to try something new and something thats absolutely current then this summer is all about Scandinavia. These guys really know how to pull style together and make it look completely effortless. Here are some key ways to nail down that Scandinavian look.

Minimalism is key

Sorry, but its necessary to ditch the heavy patterns. Choose white over black wherever possible and then add in a few key tones: camel, khaki and grey marl are a good starting point, then upgrade to washed out pinks and blues.

The Silhouette

You only have to head to H&M to bring you all you need to get the look, but think outside the box… actually think BOX. The skinny has gone out the window its all about flat lines, boxy trousers and wide fits. Just keep pieces lightweight, so they can easily be layered up as the colder months draw in, or you live in Scotland, good news for your cost-per-wear maths, at least.


Reconsider That Denim

The classic textile is a key player in the aesthetic, so team a denim shirt in a light wash with a pair of tailored shorts, for a twist on smart-casual. Alternatively, try a denim sweatshirt, or even a longline denim coat, with a pair of tapered trousers, which lets you experiment with silhouette while keeping your look grounded in basics. Scandi brands have been redefining denim for a while, crafting everything from sweatshirts to dungarees.

NOTE: don’t be afraid of double denim if you’re doing things unconventionally. Just be sure to mix dark and light to avoid a major fashion faux pas.


The Feet

When your outfit’s so neutral, there’s scope for experimentation: upgrade a lightweight summer look with suede Chelsea boots, or use a pair of Dr. Martens to inject an edge. The key is to keep it casual – if they’re shoes you’d wear to the office, say goodbye that Scandi nonchalance. The rest is failsafe though.


We’ve seen recent rise of Adidas’ Stan Smith trainers, clearly visible on basically every online style blog, and it’s true that the three-striped classic works well with a cropped trouser and a denim shirt.


The emphasis here is simplicity so sunglasses are the obvious choice for the summer, but stick to slim frames and round lenses with a hint of metallic detail – these styles are classic and not trend-driven, meaning they’ll be an investment for years to come.

Choose a baseball cap or light beanie if you cant be without a hat then finish with a watch from Scandinavia’s plethora of minimalist brands.

The trick here is to think minimal at all stages, simplicity is key and you should have no problems!



Photos: Cos, Dr Martens, H&M, Tom Ford, Alessi, Esquire



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