Summer Grooming: A Rough Guide

Im not here to preach but to guide… anyway it’s easy to think that you’ve totally got summer in control? Then you head off (last minute) to some mud soaked festival or an exotic island with ‘The Lads’ and you think packing for protection is probably not your thing. Heres my little guide to making it easy so make a list and buy EVERYTHING and you’re sorted


The Holiday Grooming Products You Need

Hair Clay: When it comes to the nights, when lobster is the only thing you can describe yourself as,  you’ll need a product that wont melt, frizz or just look crap. Scaramouche & Fandango have you covered and offer this wonderful dry tough clay that will keep the holiday locks looking fly!


Scaramouche & Fandango £12

Matte Moisturiser: Bull Dog is an old reliable favourite! It wont break the bank and feels great. You want the Original Matte Moisturiser because you’ll be shiny enough from all that sweat.


Bull Dog from Mankind £4.01

Shampoo: Bed Head might be a little more costly but when it comes to a beach holiday you need strength and protection, with all that salt water and sunshine. Bed Head leads the way so spending a little more to protect your head is definitely worth it!


Bed Head £9.95

SPF: Simple Protection. Classic sun creams no longer cut it. They’re either thick enough to absorb but feel clammy afterwards, or they’re too slick to sink in, leaving you streaked like a Jackson Pollock. Some UVA/UVB-absorbing sunscreens can cause irritation to the skin. This gentler option from Simple, however, is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

It’s free from artificial fragrances and colours and comes loaded with vitamin E, vitamin B3, sweet almond oil and glycerin to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.


 Boots £4.99.

Fragrance: Tom Ford Costa Azzurra will not only attract the ladies but will make you a better man. Throw out the Lacoste and take a step up into the manliest fragrance out there!


House Of Fraser £145

Lip Balm: Heat causes dehydration, booze causes dehydration so your skin and lips take a beating. Having a simple thing like lip balm will make your lips supple and happy again so try Menscience SPF30.


Mens Science £11.50


Festival Grooming


Prepare: Good prep is vital for getting out the other side unscathed. Visit your barber the day before the festival. You’ll get a closer shave than you could ever do yourself at home, giving you an extra day or two until any new growth is visible

Take Care: Ducking between sweaty tent and rain-lashed fields means rasping bristles. The Soft Goat is a one-of-a-kind product that reduces the sharpness of your stubble, so itchiness is never a problem.Just buff away razor ends for scruff that won’t irritate your skin. Or anyone else’s.

Hydrate:Hydration won’t just outgun hangovers. Having enough water also keeps skin and hair looking and feeling their best..btw.

Face & Body: A weekend away from plumbing is no excuse to forgo basic hygiene. First, freshen up your face with Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Water Spray. As well as scrubbing off grime, you’ll clear away last night’s alcohol.Dry shower gel is a actually a thing now, too. A once over with Temple Spa Take A Grip and people will be following you to find the nonexistent shower cubicles (not that you’d want to use them).



Sunburn…The Bitch


We know, you didn’t mean to get sunburned. You lost track of time, nodded off for a bit, and now you can tell you’re going to be lobster-red and miserable. You forgot to reapply cream and didn’t think you’d actually get sunburn?Heres some advice on taking care of that big old organ… your skin.

Shade: Get some occasionally! Long periods in the sun will dehydrate you and cause reasonable damage to your skin.

Hydrate: You need to drink AT LEAST a litre of water every hour or two for your body to cope with heat over 25 degrees.

Apply: Get a decent water proof spray on cream of at least SPF 30 anything less probably wont do the trick. Stay away from oils no matter if you think your body can handle it… it probably can’t.

Moisturise: Unlucky enough to get burnt? Lather yourself in moisturiser- i prefer something with cocoa butter or Aloe Vera, because lets face it peeling ain’t cool.

Bottom line is your skin can repair, but you can cause unrepairable damage if you don’t look after it.


❤ Keenan


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