Talking #BrosAndBalls with The Brotique


Boys, its Testicular Cancer Awareness month and time to talk about your nuts. After winning a little selection of products from the boys over at The Brotique we think its only right to put in our two pence and get you thinking about your health.

Young men are more likely to be diagnosed with testicular cancer than any other cancer, with rates doubling over the last 50 years. Obviously, and it goes without saying, that if diagnosed earlier the chances of survival are higher so its time to give them a check.

It’s easy to freak out about every bump but you really shouldn’t you will probably know what they feel like already but if it hurts when you are checking or if anything feels a little untoward then get your GP to check it out. Heres an easy guide for checking the boys from the Movember Foundation




Testicular cancer rarely happens before puberty. Because that’s when cancer and ‘everything else’ starts happening.


Cancer can strike without any symptoms, which is why we need to emphasise the importance of regular self check. Grab those boys and don’t let ‘em go!

You won’t become sterile

If there is a need for surgical removal of a testicle, fertility will not be affected. It will take a lot more than cancer to destroy your swimmers.

Will it come back?

Like all types of cancer, it can reoccur. But not worry you’ve won before and you’ll do it again.

Cancer Types

There are two types that are most common, seminomas (slow growing) and nonseminomas (fast growing). Both pricks to be honest but caught early and you’ll sort it.

Video: Deadpool: Know Your Boys


An undescended testicle will become cancerous.

There is a slightly bigger possibility for people with this condition to develop testicular cancer, but the risk for developing cancer in their lifetime is still only 2%. Stop worrying and enjoy your special set.

Every lump is definitely cancer.

Obviously if you feel a lump, you should see a doctor. But don’t have a freak-out as not every mass is cancer, it can be a cyst or something else but as long as you know them you will notice change!

Ball injury can cause cancer.

As really fucking painful as it is Testicular cancer is not caused by getting hit in the testicles. But if you feel someone hits you in your balls too much… lie and say it does.

Testicular cancer is hereditary.

If someone in your family had cancer, it doesn’t mean that you will get it too. Relax, but do a self-check once a month. You can blame most things on the genetics though!


Its all well and good me joking around, but its a serious and slightly embarrassing subject but theres nothing to be ashamed of. Check your balls and you could prevent yourself from falling into a morbid statistic.

Thanks to The Brotique for the manly gift set. Head over to their website or pop into the Queen Street Store in Edinburgh and check out everything they have to offer!





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One thought on “Talking #BrosAndBalls with The Brotique

  1. Great post! usually there are causes that get more attention than others, and I was simply happy to see your post highlighting a cause that need people attention as well! and calling for others to check their health!

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